Introduction week HUFS part 2

Have you ever done an exchange semester abroad? It’s probably so different in every country. In Korea it was fast and well organized. Did you expect something else?

In Korea, the studies start on the 1st of September. It doesn’t matter, if it is Monday, Tuesday or what ever Day. So in 2022 the first of December was a Thursday. One week before, HUFS (Hunkuk University of Foreign Studies) organized an Welcome Day. But because of Covid19, there was a restriction for arrivals who came to Korea after the 20th of August had to participate online. All others were invited to the University. As I arrived on the 21st of August, I was only online on the welcoming day.

In some countries welcoming ceremonies are held and you get a first glimpse of the culture of the country. But in Korea it was more of an introduction with most important information about the university, the different clubs, Buddy programs, the registration card to extend the Visum and also about the second round of the course registration. We had the chance to ask questions, but the presenter did a very good job by making everything very clear from the beginning. this gave me a safe feeling for the upcoming semester. Hufs also provides a office for foreign students to ask questions and receive help.

It was a little bit frustrating, that there was not a huge welcoming program with events and cultural procedure. But it could have been due to Covid19. As I have been online I had my own cultural program by drinking an iced Latte in an Korean restaurant with a nice vegetarian rice ball lunch.

This is my first iced Latte in my entire life. And when this picture was taken, I did not know how much I will like iced latte.

Now, let the studies begin.

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