Instant noodles 24/7

Unlike Switzerland, in Korea you find 24 hours stores on every corner. There is no fear of missing out on food.

Can you relate, you had a good night with friends, you stagger your way home and the only thing you can think about is food. Within 5 minutes you will find not only food, you can eat there immediatly.

Sweet tasty noodles

The first time I entered a food store like 7eleven or CU, my mouth wasn’t closing for a while due to astonishment. You can buy your noodle box and immediatly prepare and eat it in the store. This should definitly become a thing in Switzerland too.

First, I was standing in front of the noodles and checked out on all the different tastes they provide. At the end, it wasn’t to hard to make a choice, as there is not a lot of vegetarian option – to be clear, most of the instant noodles contain either beef powder, chicken flavor or similar. So the vegetarian options were limited. Still, the one soup I can eat, I love so much – I don’t need another one.

love at first sight

Once you made your choice, you pay the soup and the adventure continues.

  • open the soup until the stop sign
  • pour the hot water in it
  • wait for about 3-5 minutes
  • add some more ingredients which are also in the packet
  • mix the soup
  • enjoy it
also easy to make at home

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