Namsan Tower

When you are in a new city, there are many different districts and places and sometimes all this areas feel so far away from each other. It helps definitely to get an overview of the city. And there is no better way than on the top of Namsan Tower.

Here we go with some facts about Namsan

  • Hiking up the Namsan mountain is a must do in Seoul
  • Namsan Tower is also known as Seoul Tower
  • It is located on Nam mountain in the middle of Seoul
  • The tower is 236 metres tall
  • The mountain is 270 meters above sea level
  • Seoul tower is the second highest point in Seoul
  • different ways bring you to the top of the mountain
  • The panoramic view is beautiful- best time is when the sun sets
  • a ticket to the top of the N Seoul Tower costs around 16k Won
  • there is plenty other things to do on the mountain
End of August 2022

Different ways bring you to the top of the mountain. An easy and exciting way is probaly the cable car, but also a road was built where even busses drive up, taxis or you can also take your own car. A cute path with a lot of stairs (if you are going to count please let me know) is a way to go up within 30 to 60 minutes. I would definitly recommend you to walk up, cause on the way you already have nice stops to enjoy the view. If you are thirsty, drinkable water is provided at some stops.

On the way up

Namsan Tower is also a good park to do some sport like running or cycling. and I even saw a badmington field on the way up. On a sunny Sunday, everyone is coming to enjoy nature in the middle of the city. When you are at the top of the mountain, you have a beautiful view over Seoul, you’ll see all the buildings standing close togehter and in the distance the beautiful mountains makes the scenery impressive. But before you are at the top you will definitly be impressed about the locks of love from Seoul. Since years, couples, friends or solo travellers attach a lock for the memories. They mostly write down their names, the date an a small anecdote. The colorful scenario let’s you linger for a bit of a time, at least it was for me, as i tried to find very old locks. But mostly the old ones lose the scripture. Still it give the mountain a feeling of pure love and joy.

What to do on top of the mountain. After enjoying the stunning view from every possible point of view, there is still so many things to do. In a korean traditional pavilion you can sit in the shadow, eat something, watch the people or enjoy the city wind by listening to a mantra. In Namsan Tower, a lot of things let you forget the time. Maybe the first thing you need is a drink, serve yourself a nice coffee, beer, or what ever you feel like – you can eighter sit inside or outside. Take some nice pictures for the memories – there are photo shops, where you can choose funny gadgets and take crazy photos, or enjoy 20 minutes of a great chair massage. But you can also play some games in a game shop. Make sure you walk through the first ever created OLED tunnel where you see under water scenery switching to universe. If you want to bring something back home to your friends, it is the time to do little bit of souvenir shopping or just enjoy a lunch in one of the many restaurants. For your way back to the city try one of the nice bubble teas from Gong Cha, and just enjoy the life.

Going to the Top, watching the sunset – this is one thing I highly recommend. You can buy your tickets at the ticket office or a selfservice shelter. It costs 16’000 Won for an adult and 12’000 Won for children. Sometimes you are lucky and there is basically no waiting time, if not, the waiting time is mentioned on screens. Waiting time can still be interesting as you already read about all the fun stuff you can do. And when you start your journey to the top of the mountain, it is clear that Korea never leaves you bored. The waiting room is like a digital art museum, you can enjoy yourself walking around and taking funny pictures before you enter the elevator going up to the top. In the lift, the roof changes and it looks like you are entering space – thank you digital age. The observation deck provides you with a 360° view. I bet you will take pictures from every possible angel. Fun fact, on every direction there is a city name on the window and the information about the airlines distance. Can you find your city? I found Bern, it reminded me of how far away I am from my home.

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