Nami Island

Let’s experience a little bit of Nami Island with me.

  • plan in advance
  • How to get there and costs
  • Experience Nami Island
the Nami Island crew

As a spontaneous decision we thought about going to Nami Island. Let’s tell you how great a day outside Seoul is.

Facts about Nami Island:

  • Nami Island or also Namiseom was built in 1944
  • Nami Island is located in Chuncheon, in the Gangwon Province
  • the Island is named after General Nami
  • Nami Island is located in the middle of Han River
  • you can go to Nami Island by Zip line or by ferry
  • you can visit Nami Island all year round


When we arrived at Nami Island we were welcomed to Naminara Republic which we found a bit bizarre. Later I found out, that Namiseom is a self-declared micronation. Since 2006 Nami Island is independence from South Korea – the reason is simple: to attract more tourists. Even though I am more attracted about the beautiful nature and the cute animals wildly living on the island, it is a nice fun fact about Nami Island.
Namiseom was formed in the Han River as the result of the construction of a dam in 1943. The Island is named after Nam Yi, a general who died at age 28 after he was falesly accused of treason. The body is believed to be buried somewhere on the island, but it has not been found officially.

cute bunny running freely

Our planning:

In my opinion train riding is always a great option – especially in south korea it is comfortable.
We booked a train ticket via Korail – from Gapyeong to Cheongnyangni. One way was around 40 minutes and the price is 5’700 Won. From Cheongnyangni you can either take the bus or a taxi to Nami Island Wharf – both is very economical and fast.

How to get to the Island:

Once you arrive at Nami Island Wharf you have two options to enter the Island:
1. via Zip line: costs 50k Won: price for the island and the ferry back is included (5-7 minutes ride – but be aware of waiting times)
2. via ferry: costs 13k Won: roundtrip and price for Island is included (5-7 minutes ride)

Cultural experience:

Experience Nami Island:

On this admirable island you can spend the whole day. There is so much to see and feel. The first thing we saw from the boat were the tiny rabbits. We were then walking through alleys and passing bridges – litterly we just turned left and got lost. There were different cute markets around the island, a lot of art is shown and the option of restaurants must also be honoured. You can also rent bicycles or take cute train rides. When the day is warm enough it invites you to have a nice picknick somewhere in the grass.

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