Arrival in Seoul

First impression, is it cleaner than in Switzerland? The organization of the country is fabilous.


When I arrived in Seoul I was impressed how clean the airport was, literally no particle of dust found. And yes, that’s how you can impress a swiss girl. After a long and turbulent flight I was happy to finally arrive in Seoul.
I’m overwhelmed with feelings, but this seems to be another story. – let’s focus on organization in Korea; before I arrived, a form so called Q-Code needed to be filled out to prevent long waiting time prior to pass control. I waited in the fast line, showed my negative covid test and could pass easily.

after filling out two other forms – about the address and the contact details, I finally got the first stamp on my new passport! How amazing is it! My dear swiss friend would say: “chasch no?” and yes I feel her. It feels like this is the stamp to great adventures.

First picture when in Seoul

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