Leave out all behind

New adventures always also means to leave beloved ones.

For the first time of my life, I am leaving switzerland for 6 months. I am super excited and ready for adventures, new experiences, new friendships, challenges and unknowns. My first week in Seoul comes with a lot of impressions.

My first week in a list:

  • Arrival in Seoul 21st of August
  • Q-Code check & and passport control
  • Buy T-Card (travel card & sim card)
  • line 1 to Seoul center (took me one hour)
  • You arrived at your destination
  • covid19 test: had to do nose and mouth
  • eat bibimbap
  • drink first iced latte
  • enjoy sunset in Seoul
  • check-in at University
  • eat instant noodles at the shop
  • enjoy sunsets
  • visit hanok village
  • eat more korean food
  • enjoy more sunsets

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